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Learn to Tie a Necktie

When attending a special event or even going to work on a daily basis, you may need to know how to tie a necktie. Ties make the well-dressed man look even more professional by providing a clean and polished look. Surprisingly, many men do not know how to tie their own ties. With a few simple steps, however, anyone can learn to tie a necktie with ease. There are different types of knots for different types of materials. For example, if your tie is made of silk, you will most likely tie it using the Double Windsor knot. On the other hand, if the tie is thicker and made of something like wool, you can tie it using a knot called the Four In Hand.

The first step when you learn to tie a necktie is to make sure your shirt is buttoned all the way, and that the collar is turned up. This ensures you get the tie all the way around your neck. Next, create an "X" with your tie, allowing the wider end of the tie to be about twice as long as the narrow end. The next step is to tie the knot itself so that the look of your tie is complete. Depending upon the type of knot you choose will depend on how you tie it.

There are several places online that offer step-by-step instructions, as well as pictures to show you how to tie the tie around your neck. What's really important to remember when you learn to tie a necktie is not to give up the first few tries. In fact, you may want to give yourself some extra time, or even practice the day before so you can get it right and feel confident about your tie. Once you have the process down, you will look like a professional, handsome man in no time.

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