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Learn to Ski

Skiing is something that many of us consider a luxury, and a rare thing to do on a once in a while vacation. Others enjoy skiing for sport and depending on where you live, participate in it on a regular basis. If you've never hit the slopes before, or the thought of going down a snowy mountain attached to two sticks scares you, perhaps you're a little afraid to learn to ski. In most cases, the only real way to learn to ski is to actually get out onto the slopes and try. Most, if not all ski resorts offer a beginner course and a "learn to ski package" for those with little to no experience. The instructors will show you the proper use of equipment, how to put on and remove your skis, techniques for skiing, how to stop, and then will probably have you go down a smaller slope to get in some practice.

If you happen to live near a ski area, there are actual ski schools available as well that can teach you to learn to ski. Most of these "schools" are really a one-day class that usually lasts about two to three hours. The classes range in price but are generally inexpensive; most start at $35 and go up to around $60. The class will teach you how to use the poles, how to stop, how to turn, and how to go down the mountain diagonally. Believe it or not, there are also instructional videos available that teach people to learn to ski. Most would agree these are not as effective, since you really need to be on the trails and wearing skis in order to experience the full effect. With the proper teaching, anyone can learn to ski and have a great time!

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