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Learn to Read

Reading is something that most of us do every single day in our lives. Whether you are teaching your child how to learn to read, or helping out adults who have never learned, this skill is one of the most significant steps in our lives. Obviously, the most basic step in our English language is the alphabet. Teaching children this valuable lesson is the very first part of the learning process. Once the alphabet and the sounds the letters make are learned, phonics can then be introduced.

Phonics is a process of teaching how to speak and read that follows several general rules. These rules combine our vowel system, pronunciations, syllables, and letter combinations together to exhibit how words are spoken, spelled, and read. Phonics is the most basic of all teaching to help people learn to read and write. Many people believe that once someone learns how to properly pronounce words using the phonics system, they can easily learn to read on their own with little assistance.

Another good process for learning to read is picture association. This process shows common pictures (such as ball, dog, cat, or shoe) alongside the English word in bold letters. This picture-word association helps many children learn to read by understanding what the word looks like with visual stimulation. Once this process has been understood, more difficult words can be taught and letter combinations can be shown. Writing words out is another wonderful way to learn to read. Making vocal sounds with letters and then writing them as you hear them, along with corrective teaching, can be excellent tools for helping people learn to read. Although reading should be something everyone can do easily, it may require extra help for others. With some practice, patience, and the use of proper teaching methods, anyone from a child to an adult can learn to read.

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