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Learn How to Have Sex

In a time where teenage pregnancy and venereal diseases are becoming a major problem with our teens today, it is time to teach our kids how to have sex safely. Although many would debate that we do not want to encourage them to learn how to have sex, we must also understand that it is practically inevitable in this day and age. Since this is quickly becoming more fact than fiction, we need to ensure our children practice safe sex. Through health education, we can give teenagers the tools and knowledge they need to be safe and protected if they do decide to have premarital sex. In a world where most kids learn how to have sex from movies and television, it's important for us to teach abstinence. This can be the key between unwanted pregnancies and abortions, and our kids living a healthy and happy life until they are prepared to have children.

Unfortunately, a lot of young people today learn how to have sex when they are left alone with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Many parents have to work past school times, and young teens are left in homes alone. This can encourage sexual activity because the temptation is too high. As parents, it's important to be sure our kids are taught some basic rules and boundaries, such as no one else allowed in the home until we arrive. We must set and enforce rules like this to make sure our kids are aware of the importance of remaining abstinent. If you feel uneasy talking to children about sex, there are books and support groups available. Speak with your child's health instructor or guidance counselor for advice on how to talk to you kids. With some education and support, we can provide teenagers with the knowledge they need to stay safe and prepared.

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