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Learn to Fly

Some people have always had the dream of flying on their own and piloting a plane. Today, just about anyone can learn to fly with a little bit of knowledge and classes. Whether you want to get your official pilot's license, or just take the airplane up for a day of fun and education, learning to fly can be quite an experience. The first thing you must do is research some flight schools in your area. If you would like to be officially certified, there will more than likely be more licensing and certification fees than if your experience is only going to be a one day affair. Be sure you know about the prerequisites and cost before signing up for any flight school.

As soon as you determine which school you'd like to attend, most require that you have at least 20 hours of in classroom training if you want to get your private pilot's license. Once you obtain the required classroom knowledge, the FAA requires that you also get a third-class medical certificate and have several hours of actual flight time (usually between 40-65 hours). When you learn to fly, the requirements are usually broken down between flight with an instructor, and solo flight time, or flying alone. Additionally, you will have to pass a written exam in order to get your pilot's license. Once you've accomplished this achievement, be sure to keep your license current.

For those who want to learn to fly without becoming an official pilot, there are also student flight schools that allow you to take a short, in-classroom instruction and then fly with an instructor in the cockpit alongside you. This method is more of a fun experience than an actual learning one. You will not fly the plane on your own but will be with someone who is showing you the ropes of flying an airplane. If you do sincerely want to learn to fly, be sure to do your research, read about the requirements, and be prepared for an exciting adventure.

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