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Learn How to Draw Cars

Cars are interesting and can be really fun to draw. There are literally hundreds of step-by-step books available that teach people to learn how to draw cars. Overall, the process is fairly simple. Like anything else, practicing your cars on paper yourself is the key to making them look realistic. Remember, the basic shape of most cars is a rectangle. Begin your drawing with a simple, rectangle shape and add circles for wheels. Once you have this part down, you can then draw all the details around it such as type of car and roof, doors, color, and more.

If vehicle design is something you're interested in, you might want to learn how to draw cars with a little bit more detail. Technical drawing might be part of the curriculum if you wish to actually design vehicles for a living. If you are drawing a car, you want the proportions and details to be just right. There are classes available that offer everything from basic art and drawing all the way up to professional and technical drawing. Additionally, you can find DVDs and CD-ROMs available as well, which both offer instructions on learning how to draw cars. These can be fun and educational for the novice who is just starting out. Once you learn how to draw cars, you can create anything from hot rods, to antique cars, fire engines, police cars, sedans, vans, and even motorcycles. This is a fun hobby and a great way to develop your skills. Look around and check out the many different books available that show you how to draw cars, and decide which style suits you best. Most importantly, if you have fun while doing it, you too can learn how to draw cars in no time with great results.

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