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Learn to Crochet

Many people enjoy creating various crafts and homemade goods, and crocheting is a popular, fun, and easy way to make your own scarves, blankets, purses, and many other things from yarn. Some people confuse knitting with crochet, but there is a distinct difference. Knitting requires two needles, while crochet only requires one needle. Anyone can learn to crochet with simple instruction and patience. The first thing you will need to do is choose a type of yarn. There are five basic types of yarn, and each type is based on weight or thickness. Once you choose your yarn type and colors, make sure you purchase a continuous ball so as to not run out midway through your project.

When you learn to crochet, you'll need a needle, or "crochet hook". This tool is usually made of wood, aluminum, or plastic. The hook and yarn work together to create beautiful patterns, colors, and designs. The most basic crochet stitch is called the onechain stitch, but there are many other types of stitches that will give different looks and results. Purchase a step-by-step instruction book to show you the various ways to make different stitches. There are also instructional websites on the Internet to assist you. When you learn to crochet, you'll be able to make stunning crafts in no time with a little dedication and practice.

There are a great deal of projects you can create when you learn how to crochet. For example, a vibrant poncho, sweater, or scarf makes a terrific gift, or wear it yourself. Use different colors when you become more skilled to make a colorful purse or top, and give your piece of art an interesting pattern. Find the newer types of yarn available that are softer and contain different colors within one string to give the piece pizzazz. Once you learn to crochet, the possibilities are endless.

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