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Learn How to Count Money

While most of us may not think about it, learning to count money in a professional environment can be a daunting task. In the retail world, you deal with hundreds of customers each day, all whom are in a hurry to get to their next destination. If you do not have the ability to count money correctly and quickly, you could frustrate your customers, or worse, lose your job. It is very easy to learn how to count money with a little bit of education and some practice. There are actual online "games" and quizzes that provide you with pictures of money, and have you count their value. This can be a very helpful tool when you learn how to count money. Some companies are even providing photos of a customer's change on a computer screen to help cashiers give them their change faster and accurately.

The ability to count money is not only important in the retail sector. People in banking must learn how to count money correctly and efficiently as well. Once you can identify dollar bills and change quickly and know their values, counting the total amount they are worth should be a prompt and easy process. Practice at home with change by dumping out a change jar and gathering up various denominations. Time yourself to see how fast you can count the money, and have a family member or friend help verify your accuracy. Repeating this process is a great way to learn how to count money quickly with a small margin of error. If you need assistance with counting money, there are also worksheets, books, and online guides that can assist you in your counting skills. Remember, once you learn how to count money, it should make your job easier and go much smoother.

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